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Drive Bleekemolens classic and vintage cars

classic cars

Apart from modern (racing) cars, Race Planet boasts a classic car park. Manufacturing dates vary from 1916 up until 1965 and we are proud to add that all classic cars are in tip-top condition. Our Jaguars, MG’s, Renaults and vintage Americans, such as a T Ford and Oldsmobile are ready for groups up to 42 people.

Take part in a treasure hunt, combine your drive with a visit to a (car) museum or enjoy an off-road picnic. No matter whether you are organising a staff outing or a customer relations event, a day out with our classic cars will fulfil expectations!

Part of our car park consists of convertibles. So weather permitting, you can take the top off! When on the road, you are free to swap places, allowing everyone to drive in multiple cars. Should you not wish to drive yourself, we have drivers available.

If you plan to bring more than 42 people, we welcome you to combine our classic car drive with incentives on Circuit Park Zandvoort or one of the Race Planet kart tracks.

jaguar d-type

Are you planning to book a minimum of 5 cars? Then take your chance and go for a ride on one of our 20th century motorcycles! Contact us for more information.

Price Classic Cars drive* from € 740.- per car
Price per classic motorcycle (including a sidecar upon request): € 230.- (Only available when combined with a Classic Cars drive, including a minimum of 5 cars.)

* Price per drive, which includes the plotting of the route and support during the day (for example: start at 11.00 o’clock and finish at 17.00). This price is based on 50 kilometres, starting at our location in Amsterdam or at Circuit Park Zandvoort. Other departure locations or final destinations are possible upon request. One booking consists of a minimum of 5 cars.


Prices excluding VAT, including an itinerary, the plotting of the route, car instructions, support vehicle, substitutions in case a car breaks down, liability insurance, and staff for stopovers and such. When taking part in a treasure hunt, we will provide awards (Cups).

Multiple people per car allowed. Needless to say, the fewer people participate, the more time everyone has behind the wheel.

Contact us for more information! We can be reached by phone at +31 (0)85 2737390, or by email at