Want Bleekemolens Race Planet visit you?

Do you intend to open a new company, host a staff party, or organise another remarkable event? Make sure it’s genuinely enticing. We can help you with that! Due to our yearlong experience in the hosting of on-site events, we can assist you in converting your company site into a ‘speed & fun paradise’. Challenging kart tracks, spectacular drifting shows, quad driving, motorised skill games, racing simulators, an indoor playground…almost all Race Planet adventures can be relocated to your site.

on-site karting

An on-site kart track? It is possible at Bleekemolens Race Planet. All you need to do is make your site available. We’ll take care of the rest: closures, helmets, protective clothing, officials, cups and champagne for the winners, oh…and the karts!

We can also construct a rookie kart track, or combine one with adult circuit.


On-site Racing simulator


Want to challenge 14 of your best friends to participate in an ultra-high speed lap in a Formula 1 car, on Spa-Francorchamps? Run a spectacular rally test or go for a ride on a racing bike? You can do all this and a lot more with our racing simulator! A truly lifelike simulator, this machine is not just a simulator, it is a success stimulator on any fair or festival. The racing simulator can be used both outdoors and indoors (in a warehouse or an exhibition space).

By applying an ingenious mixture of large screens and enticing (motor) sounds, the lifelike movements of the racing simulator will turn this event in an extraordinary experience. Try it yourself, you’ll love it!

The racing simulator rates are available on request. Contact us for more information.

On-site playground

Race Planet for Kids ensures that your youngest guests will also have the time of their lives! They can go ape on inflatable castles, in electric ‘Formula 1 cars’, or on a pushcart track. Our 8 meter high inflatable glide has been the high-light (high – get it?) of many openings, events and fairs.

Event on the water

Are you looking for a place to relax after a day on the circuit or a place to host an event for relations? The boat is ready for you to float through the canals or a trip across the Vecht. The boat has a maximum capacity of 8 people.

Contact us for the availability and the opportunities.



on-site Drifting shows

The Bleekemolen Show Team has specialised in fast-paced, spectacular shows on industrial sites or parking places. We can organise stunning skid demonstrations, or take your guests for a sensational racing car drive. We can welcome your clients in professional hospitality tents, which can be attached to a Bleekemolen Team racing trailer. Whatever you like, the possibilities are endless!

and a whole lot more...

Have you got any particular ideas or wishes with regard to your company party or event? We would love to participate in thought an action!

Below, you will find some more suggestions:

  • Quad driving. Popular quad programmes include agility tracks, a brake-response test and a ‘race’ track.
  • Slalom track. It is harder than many of us think, carrying out a slalom test procedure. But remember, this challenging task is an integral part of any racing course for good reason.
  • Hovercraft. This agility track is executed with a semi hovercraft. A lot harder than you might think!
  • Contrakart. Steer left…and go right! This karting game is all about skills and control. Whatever you do, don’t think!
  • Tyre Changing Game. Who is fastest in changing the tyres of their racing car?
  • Tent rental. Bleekemolens Race Planet rents out various professional tents, attached to a (racing) trailer.