On-board camera

Record your experience with our on-board cameras. Film your laps and take the video home to relive (and share with your friends)

Your Race Experience will be incomplete without an on-board recording! Relive the speed with which you raced towards the Tarzan Turn. What was your top speed? Experience the Gerlach once more. Did you hold the line through the Scheivlak and Masters Corner?

We have equipped all our cars at circuit parts (except Formula RP1’s) with an advanced camera system that enables you to record your driving skills. Now you can watch how you race around the circuit. A second camera follows your operations in the cockpit. Did you accelerate fast enough, hit the brakes in time and shift gear at the right moment?

Afterwards, you will get to take your recording home, so that you can relive the entire experience and share it with your friends. It will be a fantastic memory of your Race Experience! Book your on-board camera for an additional € 35.-.