Driving Experience

Drive a Porsche 911, a Formula RP1 and many more all by yourself!

The Driving Experience has been one of our most popular Race Experiences for years. This day is packed from start to finish.
You get to drive a Porsche 911 and a Formula RP1, for instance. Furthermore, the best drifters will allow you to step in and join them for a ride around Circuit Zandvoort.
But there is more! Lots more. Below, you will find all information about the Driving Experience. Consider yourself warned, though: driving these cars can be utterly addictive! You won’t be the first to succumb to the racing virus after having been exposed to our Driving Experience…

Do you want to find out how fast you can go in a Porsche 911? Below, watch Sebastiaan Bleekemolen laying down rubber during the Porsche GT3 Cup in Barcelona!


Details  Driving Experience

  • Admission fee: € 365. – per person, VAT included
  • The Driving Experience is a full-day programme
  • It is possible to record your sessions with an on-board camera. (Addition fee: € 35.-)
  • Subject to change in price or programme
  • Including sandwich lunch

For more information, please call : +31 (0)85-2737390

Duration: Whole day

Driving Experience

€ 365.- p.p.

(incl VAT)
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Individual drive in a Porsche 911

Both driving at a driving circuit and driving in a Porsche 911 is a dream come true for many of us. At Bleekemolens Race Planet, you get to do both. Feel the acceleration, the deceleration, the grip of the Porsche 911 on Circuit Park Zandvoort. This is one of those experiences you are not likely to forget any time soon. Read more.

Individual drive in a Formula RP1

Every motorsport enthusiast dreams about getting behind the wheel of a real formula car. Now you can get in and experience how to steer, brake and accelerate in a mind bogglingly fast Formula car. Read more.

Individual drive in a BMW 1 series

The Bleekemolen team successfully participated in the BMW Cup races for a number of years. Now you too can experience what it is like to drive on the Zandvoort Circuit in a BMW 1 series.

Circuit tour with experienced drifters

Driving around the circuit is spectacular as it is, but it's even more sensational when you join an experienced drifter in the passenger seat! So call shotgun and prepare for the craziest ride of your life! Taking corners will never be the same again…


It is harder than you might think: doing a slalom. In fact, it is so difficult that is an obligatory part of every driver development program.

Off-road riding through the sand dunes

Experience what it is like to drive up a 35 degree slope. What it is like to (almost) get stuck in the loose sand. How to cross a small bridge flawlessly. When riding off-road it is very important to apply both speed and agility. Follow the 4x4 track in the right way. Can you manage?


Ice-driving is both fun and instructive. Casters have been placed under the rear wheels, resulting in an ice-driving experience. Find a way to mix agility, controlled driving and speed. And then try to be the fastest.

Drag race with a Dodge Charger

Who will finish the quarter mile the swiftest? As soon as the lights go out, speed to the finish line. Have you got the best reflexes? Are you the first to set off? Our brutal Dodge Chargers are ready for you.

Karting competition

Rightfully so, karting is looked upon as the foundation of motorsports. Many Formula 1 drivers started out by karting. Due to the direct steering, the low ride and the high speed, rapid responses are of the utmost importance when riding around in our karts.

Skid control

Fun and informative, that is what the skid control is all about. The car will slide. Can you cope with it and get it back on track?