FAQ Karting

FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. Have you got a question? Below, you will find a list of Race Planet’s more frequently asked questions. Does your question remain unanswered after browsing through these FAQs? Then do not hesitate to call us!

Why does my child need to be at least 1.35 meters tall?

At Bleekemolens Race Planet, we invite you for a kart session as soon as you are 8 years old and at least 1.35 meters tall. We apply this minimum height, in order to be sure participants can reach the pedals effectively. We have measuring tape with which you can check if your child has reached the minimum height of 1.35 meters. Needless to say, we measure the height while your child is wearing shoes. In exceptional cases, your child might be 1.35 meters tall, but if he cannot use the pedals effectively, we can’t allow him on the tracks. Safety first!

Do we need to book?

Corona-update: Yes, reservations are required due to the corona measures. You can book online for Amsterdam and Delft. It is also possible to book by phone, you can find the phone numbers below.  

Where is Race Planet located?

Race Planet Amsterdam
Herwijk 10
1046 BC Amsterdam
Phone: +31 (0)20-611 1120
Email: amsterdam@raceplanet.nl

Race Planet Delft
Kleveringweg 18
2616 LZ Delft
Phone: +31 (0)15-212 7222
Email: delft@raceplanet.nl

How can I get to you by public transport?

Corona-update: Due to the measures taken by the various public transport organisations, we do not advice to use this means of transport. Free parking and bicycle stands are available at all our locations. 

Race Planet Amsterdam can be reached by public transport.
Take Connexxion bus 82 and get off the bus at stop: Westpoortweg

Race Planet Delft can be reached by public transport, by taking Connexxion bus 60 & 62 at Delft Central Station.
Bus stop: Den Haag Defensie

Can I pay with my debit card?

In all Race Planet locations you can pay with a debit card, using your PIN code. It is also possible to pay with any standard Dutch credit card (with the exception of American Express).

What measures do you take to prevent corona?

Corona-update: At all our locations extensive measures are taken to increase our hygiene level even further. Additionally, extra instructions will be provided when a booking is made and at the locations themselves. 

Do we need to bring our own helmets and gloves?

Corona-update: We advice to bring your own helmet and gloves, as it is more hygienic. The helmet has to be a good-fitting, full-face helmet with fixed chin piece. Ofcourse you can use one of our helmets is you can’t bring your own, these are properly cleaned. We will provide you with gloves and a balaclava.

Protective clothing, helmets, body protectors and neck guards will be at your disposal. For safety reasons, it is mandatory to wear long trousers and enclosed shoes. Also when it’s warm outside!