Wall of Death

Only for the fearless!

Did you know that Race Planet is the only amusement park in the Netherlands where you can take your kart for a ride along the Wall of Death? Drive up the wall and go higher and higher. Whatever you do, don’t look down, though, and never lose your concentration! Can you control your nerves? Then you are in for a thrill! But the Wall of Death is not for sissies. Are you tough enough to cope?

Kaj, Stephan and Rico of ZU5E can show you the way. Now it’s your turn…!


The Wall of Death is only accessible for people over 18.
Please call us to make a booking.

Attention: from 14 May 2018 Race Planet Amsterdam will only accept debit cards and credit cards. No cash.

Wall of Death

€ 22,50 p.p.

(incl VAT)