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Duo-kart Amsterdam

Are you too young, too small or physically limited? But do you still want to enjoy a day full of karting and adrenaline! At Race Planet Amsterdam there is a special duo-kart. Step into the duo-kart as a passenger and experience a lightning fast lap under the guidance of one of the experienced instructors.

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De duokart op de Race Planet kartbaan in Amsterdam voor karten met een beperking.

Manual throttle go-kart Amsterdam & Delft

Discover the freedom of speed without limitations! At Bleekemolens Race Planet in Delft we have something special for you: our manual throttle go-kart. This kart is not just any kart. It is carefully designed for people without leg function, so you can have a unique racing experience.

Please note: Race Planet accepts PIN and credit cards only. No cash.

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Race Planet Zandvoort
Op de bowlingbanen van Race Planet Amsterdam en Delft wordt een strike gegooid met een bowlingbal tijdens het bowlen.

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