Welcome to Race Planet, Home of indoor karting!

In 1993, Bleekemolens Race Planet opened the very first indoor kart track in Europe. It became an immediate hit, as now it became possible for everyone to experience racing. Over the years, Race Planet has welcomed millions of people, both from the Netherlands and beyond. Today, Race Planet is still the leading indoor kart track in the Netherlands. Often copied, but never equalled. And we’re proud of that! Welcome to Race Planet.

We are easy to reach in Amsterdam and Delft

Race Planet has two karting centres, located in Amsterdam and Delft. So wherever you are in the Randstad, you are only half an hour away from us.

Race Planet Amsterdam has two kart tracks, and Race Planet Delft even boasts three, divided over four (!) storeys. The differences in height are astonishing! Oh and by the way, parking is always free. Would you like to know what the tracks in Amsterdam look like? Click here for the 3D-animation of the track in Amsterdam and you can download the track of Race Planet Delft (PDF)!

Race Planet can be easily reached, because we are located close to the A5 in Amsterdam and the A13 in Delft. Parking is free. Of course, we can also be reached conveniently by public transport. Sorry, you have no excuse not to come over!


Are you hungry, or thirsty? Race Planet has a well-equipped bar and excellent cuisine. Are you planning on organising a bachelor party, a birthday bash, a company trip or just a great day out? Check out our menu!

We offer extensive catering solutions and packages for larger groups. And we love to help you along, so feel free to contact us at any time to so discuss your plans.

Race Planet Cares

Our guests’ safety is our top priority. Karts are fast, and you will be go-karting with several people at once. As a result, you must follow the rules. Before the kart heat, you will be instructed by our staff. They will tell you what to look out for. They will also explain the meaning of the various flags, which we will use to communicate with you during your kart heat. You can view the instructions on our instruction card and in our instruction video so that you are fully prepared.

Rijders stappen op de veilige manier in de kart voor de race op de kartbaan van Race Planet in Delft en Amsterdam.

Safety first! Watch our video tutorial here.

Call me back

Would you like to discuss possibilities at Race Planet? Leave your phone number, we will call you back as soon as possible!

Op de bowlingbanen van Race Planet Amsterdam en Delft wordt een strike gegooid met een bowlingbal tijdens het bowlen.

Strrrike! (EN)

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