Parents vs. children: who’s the best?

Normally, children are not allowed to drive on the kart courses simultaneously with adults. It’s not safe enough. However, there is one exception: during a family heat. These special family karting sessions are ideal for parents who wish to go karting with their son or daughter.

A family heat lasts 10 minutes. Minimal age for the children is 8, minimal height 1.35 metres.

Vader en zoon racen tegen elkaar in de familieheat van Race Planet in Amsterdam en Delft op de kartbaan.
Kart vanaf de brug op de kartbaan gefotografeerd bij Race Planet in Delft en Amsterdam.


1. The family heat will only be organised upon request. Book by telephone.
2. Booking is possible at all days of the week.
3. Children up to the age of 14 will be driving in rookie karts. Parents will drive in regular adult karts.
4. You will be classified in a separate kart heat in which other parents can also drive with their children.
5. Admission fee: € 21.50 per person, per family heat.

Attention: Race Planet will only accept debit cards and credit cards. No cash.

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