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Only at Bleekemolens Race Planet can you drive Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches, McLarens, Alpines, Mercedes-AMGs and many more spectacular dream cars. All by yourself. At the newly constructed Circuit of Zandvoort. Get in for a breathtaking Race Experience and imagine you are the pro in one of the Formula RP1s. Max, Lewis and Lando: eat your heart out!

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The circuit of Zandvoort had a major makeover and is now more spectacular than ever! Will you fly around the new, steep Arie Luyendijk curve soon and head for the straight? Will you go into the Hugenholz bend towards the famous Scheivlak? Get in now!

Race Planet offers superfast Race Experiences. Driving is possible from 1 person to groups of thousands. Everyone with a driver’s license B is welcome. At Race Planet, you will be a driving a host of different cars – all day long. Guided by experienced instructors and drivers, you will get to know our impressive car fleet of over 150 vehicles.

Whether you come alone, bring friends, or invite colleagues, Race Planet offers a wide array of Race Experiences. As such, there will be a perfect package for everyone. You can choose from short programmes and full-day packages.

De onboard camera neemt jouw ritten op Circuit Zandvoort op als ultiem aandenken van de Race Experience.

Onboard camera

The ultimate proof of your laps at CM.com Circuit Zandvoort!

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