Renault Clio breekt uit in de bocht tijdens de slipproef op nat asfalt tijdens een Race Experience van Race Planet op Circuit Zandvoort.
Deelnemer slipt tijdens het onderdeel slipproef bij een Race Experience op Circuit Zandvoort in een Renault Clio.

However, the Renault Clio is also a playful car, which takes corners easily due to its short wheelbase. For this reason, the Bleekemolen men have successfully participated in the Clio Cup for years. Our standard Clio’s are not as fast as these Cup racers, but they are highly suitable for the skid resistance test. Can you control your car on a wet road?

If you are looking for the Renault Clio Cup car, check out the Race Taxi!



Engine: 1.149cc Inline 4
Power: 75 hp
Top speed: 167 km/h
0-100: 13.4 Seconds
Transmission: 5 gears, manual
Weight: 1,065 kg
Drive: Front-wheel drive
Purchase value: €17,000

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