Porsches van Race Planet in actie op Circuit Zandvoort
Porsche 911's staan klaar voor de Porsche VIP Experience van Race Planet in de pitstraat op Circuit Zandvoort.
Porsche 911's op Circuit Zandvoort in de Tarzanbocht tijdens een Race Experience van Bleekemolens Race Planet waarin deelnemers zelf rijden.

The indisputable icon among sports cars, Porsche 911 cannot be omitted from Bleekemolens Race Planet’s Race Experiences. Driving a Porsche is unmatched. The 911 does exactly what you want it to do, and it does so fast. What else does a true race enthusiast want? To drive a Porsche 911? You can, at Race Planet!


Engine: 3.596cc Boxer
Power: 325 hp
Top speed: 285 km/h
0-100: 5.0 Seconds
Transmission: 5 gears, sequential automatic
Weight: 1,475 kg
Drive: Rear-wheel drive
Purchase value: €120,000

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