Suzuki Jimny waarin je zelf rijdt op het 4x4 offroad parcours tijdens een Race Experience op Circuit Zandvoort van Bleekemolens Race Planet.
Het 4x4 offroad parcours van Race Planet op Circuit Zandvoort waar deelnemers in Suzuki Jimny terreinauto's offroad rijden.

Despite its modest 82 horsepower, this compact machine uses its four-wheel drive and low gearing to its fullest. It’s great fun to alternate off-road driving with track driving. Especially since off-roading requires a whole different set of skills. Can you complete the course without getting stuck?


Engine: 1.298cc Inline 4
Power: 82 hp
Top speed: 140 km/h
0-100: 13.5 Seconds
Transmission: 5 gears, manual
Weight: 1,020 kg
Drive: All-wheel drive

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