De Renault Clio Cup raceauto van Michael Bleekemolen in actie op Circuit Zandvoort, hetzelfde automodel als de Racetaxi
Renault Clio Cup auto van Sebastiaan Bleekemolen in actie op het circuit, hetzelfde model als het meerijden in de Racetaxi op Circuit Zandvoort

Our skilled racers will show you what it feels like to truly race on Circuit Zandvoort. It will be an unforgettable experience! From the outside, the car looks like a regular Clio. But inside it is stripped entirely. Sporting a roll cage, 5-point harnesses and racing seats, this Renault is race-ready and fully prepared for fast laps around the circuit.

Do you want to sit up front with a seasoned racer in the Clio Cup car? Check out the Racetaxi!


Engine: Renault M5Mt 1.6 V16 Turbo
Power: 220 hp
Top speed: 220 km/h
0-100: 7.1 Seconds
Transmission: 6 gears, manual
Weight: 1,080 kg
Drive: Rear-wheel drive
Purchase value: €60,000

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