Rookie driving

We can do it, simply because we can!

Kids as young as 10 driving on Circuit Zandvoort in Ferrari’s and Aston Martins. Sounds unbelievable? It happens at Bleekemolens Race Planet! And the kids love it.

Race Planet organises rookie driving on a regular basis on Circuit Zandvoort. Children over the age of 10 can jump behind the wheel. Of course we don’t aim to turn them into full-blown drivers. We simply do it, because we can! Rookie driving in itself is unique. But Bleekemolens makes the experience even more noteworthy: the kids get to drive around the world famous circuit in Zandvoort in a Ferrari, McLaren, Aston Martin, Porsche, Mercedes-AMG or Lamborghini. How cool is that?



First, the boys and girls will receive an extensive instruction. Then, under the watchful eyes of professional instructors, they get to explore the world-renowned circuit in their own cars (well, their parents!). Also, there will be special instruction cars with dual controls which you can reserve.

Drive your dream car!

This is an absolute first in the Netherlands: at Race Planet youngsters can drive a Ferrari, Aston Martin, Porsche or Lamborghini. Under the auspices of an instructor, of course. And the speed limit of 60 km/h that is applied with rookie driving, remains unchanged. Nevertheless, the kids are in for an exhilarating experience!

For more information, please call : +31 (0)85-2737390

Maximum speed

During this unique experience, Circuit Zandvoort applies a rule that is not normally applied: the speed limit. While driving on the circuit, we apply a speed limit of 60 km/h. Sebastiaan Bleekemolen explains: “this speed limit is crucial. We aim to let kids make their first acquaintance with driving. Even though we are on a circuit, rookie driving is not a race course.”

Rookie driving costs

        • Driving an instruction car: € 110.-
        • 1 session driving in your own car: € 75.-
        • Driving a Porsche 911(with Race Planet instructor): € 165.-
        • Driving a Lamborghini Huracán (with Race Planet instructor): € 195.-
        • Driving an Aston Martin V8 Vantage (with Race Planet instructor): € 165.-
        • Driving a Ferrari 488 GTB (with Race Planet instructor): € 195.-
        • Driving a Mercedes-AMG GT (with Race Planet instructor): € 185.-
        • Driving a McLaren 540C (with Race Planet instructor): € 195.-

When you book 3 sessions at one time, on one date, you will receive 10% discount over the total fee. To get this discount, one of the sessions must be driving in your own car.

Rookie driving: when does it take place again?

September 10 2020 | October 16 2020 | October 23 2020

You can book your spot by calling us during office hours at +31 (0)85-2737390.


  • The child should be able to sit in the car safely. Hence, he or she should be able to operate the pedals. A booster seat is permitted.
  • The partent/supervisor will sign an indemnification.
  • All sessions take 25 minutes.
  • Payment is to be done upfront.
  • Subject to change in price and program.
  • The child should be at least 10 years old and 1.40m.

Conditions for your own car

  • Participation is at your own risk. There is no insurance that will cover any damage caused.
  • During the session, a supervisor should accompany the driver. If this person is not the parent, written consent by the parent or guardian is necessary.
  • No passengers allowed, other than the child and the parent/supervisor.
  • The car should be equipped with a manual handbrakes, which are within easy reach of the supervisor.
  • The supervisor should own a valid driving license, and should be able to show the license upon request.
  • The supervisor needs to be competent to intervene if necessary.