Drive it like you stole it

You will be driving this during the Platinum Experience

Do you want nothing but the best? Don’t want to settle for anything less? Then go for Race Planet’s Platinum Experience, which boasts every one of today’s super cars. Make your wildest dreams come true and drive a Porsche, Alpine, Mercedes-AMG, Lamborghini, McLaren and Ferrari. After the Platinum Experience, you know your dream cars. How does Porsche compare to Ferrari? What do you think about the Lambo or the McLaren? Not to mention the Dodge drag racers. Bigger, better, faster, more!

If you want it all, you want the Platinum Experience.


Participation Platinum Experience
• The Platinum Experience is a full day event
• It is possible to record your sessions with an onboard camera. (Addition fee: € 35.-)
• Subject to changes in price and programme
• Including sandwich lunch
• Please note, for the Formula RP1: if you are taller than 1.90 meters, there’s a chance you may not fit. In that case, we will look for a suitable solution

A day full of action

This is what awaits you

In addition to driving the above-mentioned cars, the Driving Experience offers many other program components that test your driving skills and provide unforgettable moments:


Record your experience with our onboard cameras!

Your Race Experience will be incomplete without an on-board recording! Relive the speed with which you raced towards the Tarzan Turn. What was your top speed? Experience the Gerlach once more. Did you hold the line through the Scheivlak and Luyendijk Corner?

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