Are you Holland’s next race talent?

Has the Kart Introduction Class left you with a taste for it? And do you want to learn how to drive even faster laps? Then sign up for the Race Academy courses! Experienced instructors from Den Hartog Racing will teach you all the tricks of the karting trade. As usual, the minimum age is 8 years, and the minimum height is 1.35 metres.

The Race Academy practices every Monday evening in Amsterdam, and every Tuesday evening in Delft (excluding holidays and vacation periods). The racing theory is an inevitable part of the curriculum, but we will be driving as much as possible. After all, that’s how you learn the most.

We will tailor our instruction to your level of racing, thus helping you forward in the world of go-karting.  The Race Academy welcomes everyone (up to 18 years old), even when you already perform on a high level but wish to continue your practice. A helmet and a protective jacket will be available to you on the kart tracks during the course.

Een kart racet over de finish lijn bij de kartbaan van Race Planet Amsterdam en Delft.

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De onboard camera neemt jouw ritten op Circuit Zandvoort op als ultiem aandenken van de Race Experience.

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The ultimate proof of your laps at CM.com Circuit Zandvoort!

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